What’s The Value of Vulnerability Testing?

Technology is developing at an incredible rate. Things we thought impossible 20 years ago are now standard practice in today’s society. We now have the ability to work online in creative ways, and we no longer have to be in the same room to work collaboratively.

But with the vast possibilities that technology offers us, it also comes with a set of threats. Threats that aren’t always visible or loud. Threats that, if successful, can completely turn a business upside down.

The good news is, most of these threats are extremely avoidable as long as you take the correct steps to protect your company. That’s where vulnerability testing comes in.

In this article, we’re going to delve into the value vulnerability testing has for your company. Because protecting your network just makes business sense!

What is vulnerability testing?

Vulnerability testing is all about finding the parts of your network that aren’t secure. It’s like a mosquito net. A robust net will stop any mosquitoes coming in, but any holes in the net and mosquitoes can fly through the gaps and cause havoc. Doing a vulnerability test is akin to finding those holes in your net so you can repair them and stop anymore threats entering your network, aka the “safe zone.”

However, it’s a bit more complicated than just fixing the security holes. With cybercriminals intent on finding newer, more sophisticated methods of penetrating network defence systems, vulnerability tests need to be done regularly to ensure there are no new ways for your tech to be compromised.

How does vulnerability testing help your business?

For tech giant companies, perhaps the benefits of a robust vulnerability testing program are somewhat obvious. But the reality is, if any part of your business uses tech or the internet to work (and these days, you’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t) then you need to make vulnerability testing a common place task in your company.

Here are some of the specific ways vulnerability testing will help your business:

  1. Protect your company data

From sales projections and marketing efforts to R&D plans, your company holds vital information that in the wrong hands could easily spell the demise of your business. If a competitor were to get hold of your private information, it may unfairly sway the competition in their favour.

Not to mention the fact that your company holds sensitive information about your employees that you have a duty to protect at all costs. If one of your employees Is targeted by malactors because you neglected to strengthen your cybersecurity via vulnerability testing, it can cause extreme problems for your employees while also opening your company up to litigation problems.

  1. Protect your customer data

Every time your customers interact with your company – browsing your website, purchasing products and services, signing up for emails, etc. – you collect data on them.

For your company, that data is vital to improve your products and services, keeping track of transactions, and providing a tailored experience to your loyal audience.

But to a cybercriminal with bad intentions, that data is just what they need to potentially scam people out of their hard-earned money or sell their sensitive information to third parties on the black market for a profit.

When your customers share their sensitive information with you, they expect you to keep it safe. And if your company suffers a data leak where customer personal data is compromised, your business will lose the trust of its customers which will result in a reduction in sales and interest. So protecting customer data must always be at the forefront of your security plan.

  1. Safeguard yourself from hackers and phishers

Gone are the days when a simple email from a down on his luck prince asking to borrow money is enough to get hackers through the door. As our society becomes more aware of phishing schemes, the hackers involved have developed more sophisticated techniques.

Within your business, hackers have a variety of ways to infiltrate your system including tapping into your network and sending phishing emails to your employees pretending to be customers. 

There are many cybersecurity solutions to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack, but to get the best result, you need to know exactly where your company is most vulnerable. And that’s why vulnerability testing is so important to keep cybercriminals out of your system.

  1. Protect your payment processes

Monetary transactions are the bread and butter of any business. Without them, you cannot hope to grow your business.

In almost all cybersecurity issues, the end goal is for the cybercriminal to make money – whether it’s through selling your data or directly stealing it.

With transactions now predominantly taking place either online or with credit/debit cards, there is a lot of money flying around on your network.

Banks have robust processes in place to reduce their customers risk of having their money stolen during online transactions, but your company will need to do its part too to protect your money.

Making sure there are no vulnerabilities in your payment journey will secure your funds and put you, and your customers at ease.

What are the typical costs of vulnerability testing?

Vulnerability testing does not have a pricing “menu”, as there are far too many factors to consider when carrying it out. However, companies can expect to spend several thousand dollars annually on vulnerability testing to ensure their cybersecurity.

Factors that will affect cost include:

  1. The size of the company

The bigger the company, the more employees, departments, data, and technology you will have to protect. As such, vulnerability tests will scale accordingly based on the size of the company to ensure that each and every employee is well protected and in turn protecting the business.

  1. The scale of technology used

The type of business you have will determine how much vulnerability testing is necessary. A company that works exclusively online will need far more vulnerability testing than a business that only relies on a few technology pieces such as a card machine to keep them going.

What is the cost of not doing it?

Some business owners may look at vulnerability testing process and feel a sharp pain…specifically in the pocket region. It’s normal, vulnerability testing isn’t the cheapest product out there.

That’s why, in some ways, the best way to look at vulnerability testing prices is to consider how much it would cost your company to not protect itself thoroughly.

Cyberattacks can cause catastrophic results for companies including the loss of data, money, and customers. When you weigh up the amount of money you can lose from a successful cyberattack versus how much you’ve been quoted for your vulnerability testing, you’ll find it’s more than worth the money.

How long does vulnerability testing take?

While initial scans can be completed in mere hours, a full vulnerability testing exercise can take up to six weeks from planning to completion.

The length of time it takes will depend on how many computers, IP addresses and other components there are in your network.

No matter how long the testing takes, you should suffer only minimal disruption to your daily work, so the time frame shouldn’t cause too much concern.

How do insights gained from vulnerability tests help businesses thrive in the long term?

Vulnerability testing will highlight anywhere your business is susceptible to cyberattacks. And while it’s important to patch those problems up immediately, the long-term insights are just as beneficial.

As a result of a vulnerability test, you’ll understand how each part of your network contributes to your cybersecurity. This will help you create future initiatives with cybersafety in mind so that your business is better protected from the get-go as you expand it.

Final thoughts

Vulnerability testing is key to the safety and protection of your business. Without it, your business could suffer devastating data and monetary losses that can severely damage not only your reputation but also your ability to grow.

At Blue Steel Cybersecurity, we offer robust vulnerability testing for companies of all sizes. We want every business to be confident in their safety and empower them to feel protected at all times.

To get started on vulnerability testing in your company, contact us for a quote today!