Purpose and Core Values

Purpose and Core Values

Why Bluesteel Cybersecurity

Do the Dirty Work

Not every job is glamorous, and here at BlueSteel we acknowledge that. The work we do is not always exciting and can be difficult or even monotonous at times, but we push through. We understand that to get the desired results there will be difficult or boring tasks that are essential to the end result and take an all hands on deck approach to accomplish the job at hand. Our entrepreneurial approach embodies our “do the dirty work” value and reaffirms the idea that no work is unimportant, no matter the difficulty or size of the task. This approach also encourages teamwork and communication within our company as it supports the idea that if something needs to be done, no job is beneath anyone and everyone will help in order to get the desired outcome.

Disciplined Every day and Every way

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

As a startup, there are so many different tasks to complete at any one time and the technology landscape is always changing, so it can be easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different things happening at once.
In order to complete our work efficiently, we value having the discipline to stay on top of things and stay organized. It is a challenge to juggle all of the responsibilities that come our way, but having and practicing discipline daily ensures that we will complete our work in a timely and efficient manner and not veer off track. We will hold ourselves accountable to show up and complete the work without excuses, enabling us to reach our goals. Our team shows up with a disciplined mindset of getting the work done and knowing we will feel accomplished at the end of the day and our team, company, and clients will benefit from our work ethic.

BlueSteel Cybersecurity is Disciplined Every day and Every way
BlueSteel Cybersecurity Intellectual Care

Intellectual Care

Here at BlueSteel Cybersecurity, we value intellectual care and keeping in line with this value we strive to embrace the learning process itself in addition to the end results.

The field of technology is so rapidly changing that constantly staying up to date and reading up on cybersecurity news not only benefits each individual, but the company as a whole. If we don’t know something, we will educate ourselves on it and this method allows us to complete our goals efficiently as well as opens a channel for us to explore new topics, problems, and solutions. Another part of intellectual care that we practice is knowing when to dive deeper into the job and when a break or conversation with colleagues is more beneficial. Our weekly huddles allow us to take a step back and think about anything we are stuck on in a new light as well as gain outside perspective. We are not machines, so keeping the mind sharp is of utmost importance to us from diving into knowledge exploration and the learning process to being able to get outside perspective and look at a problem with fresh eyes.


The idea of Fika originates from the Swedish tradition of having a coffee break.

Fika, however, does not refer to your average run of the mill coffee break. It refers to sitting with friends and colleagues to actually be present in the moment and take a breath from the monotony of work and everyday life and reconnect with the people and environment around you. These moments, while seemingly small, can help tie us to our humanity and not lose ourselves and be overwhelmed by work. Connecting with this state of mind can help rejuvenate us to tackle the day ahead and be the best that we can be.

The idea of Fika originates from the Swedish tradition of having a coffee break.
t BlueSteel Cybersecurity one of our values is sharing is caring

Sharing is Caring

At BlueSteel Cybersecurity one of our values is sharing is caring because we believe that the best way to ensure our company is running smoothly and efficiently is by sharing. We have sharing embedded within our weekly meetings and encourage each other to share and check in terms of work and otherwise. We can state any areas where we are having difficulties and may need help for the week and when difficulty arises, sharing allows us to have a fuller picture of the project overall and help us work as a team to complete what needs to be done. We also believe in the value of sharing in terms of how we do business. Much like how we operate internally, sharing with our clients and being transparent about our process helps to ease any doubts or confusion about our operations as well as ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible. Embodying this value allows us to share knowledge and keep all parties informed.