Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools – Essential for Your Organization

These Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools Are Essential for Your Organization

Data loss prevention tends to overlap with intrusion prevention systems, system information, event management, endpoint protection, etc.

For the sake of our blog, we’ll discuss data prevention as something of a catchall term for what these tools do.

Realistically, DLP tools perform the other mentioned systems’ most vital functions with enough sufficiency to stand on their own. For example, such data prevention tech possesses the framework to simultaneously block system access and protect pivotal data.

Whether an organization has more barebone technological networks or their systems are vaster, data prevention tools drastically reduce losses across the board.

Finding the Perfect Combination

Many top-performing data loss prevention tools provide a substantial boost to information protection efforts. However, one software rarely possesses the features and power to fully bolster your system.

The list discussed below, delving into the best data prevention tools, might possess features that overlap. All the same, they’ll also have unique qualities that set them apart, and you must ask if those little additions are necessary for your organization.

We will then note that software providers produce tool suites that possess more turnkey, all-encompassing solutions.

Top Data Prevention Tools on the Market

Comodo MyDLP

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - Comodo

With Comodo MyDLP, entire organizations receive licenses across all endpoints and sites while also protecting data stored on cloud servers.

Intuitively, MyDLP discovers a given company’s sensitive data. Then it records and protects this critical information. User permissions service is this tool’s primary focus, listing and coordinating those who have access to specific data. Furthermore, the software specifies the actions that given users can perform with the data.

The data protected by this tool can be trade secrets, engineering sketches, accounts, personal employee data, client information, development plans, etc.

MyDLP can either be installed on-premises or accessed online as a cloud-based service. It monitors devices that run any operating system.

SolarWinds Data Loss Prevention with ARM

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - SolarWinds

Setting policy on data access control is a perfect organizational jumping-off point when crafting a loss prevention system. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager is the ideal feature for strategizing and systemic planning, offering transparent reports on current access permissions.

The above benefit helps establish improved controls. Using the Access Rights Manager will implement this change.

Continually checking on your data access is made possible by SolarWinds’ ongoing monitoring, which also triggers alerts the moment you create copies or transfer data.

Active Directory, Windows File Share, SharePoint, and Microsoft Exchange are all unified by SolarWinds Access Rights Manager. Thus, it’s possible to monitor unusual or suspicious user behavior across multiple channels.

CA Data Protection

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - CA Technologies

Sensitive data controls are CA Data Protection’s central focus in the DLP space.

Here are the three primary tasks involved in this process:

1. Locating sensitive data.

2. Protecting said data.

3. Reporting unauthorized attempts to access data.

It might sound a little bit neat, tidy, and basic. Still, these features combine as an excellent safeguard against intruders, accidental damage, or internal data theft.

CA Data Protection acts as a strategic lynchpin that aids in defining protection protocols and pre-written policies. Moreover, the system boasts a boundless reach that prevents data loss at all your sites and in cloud storage.

You can review your security strategy success while confirming compliance with data confidentiality standards via this tool’s reporting and auditing module.

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - Endpoint Protector

CoSoSys functions as an onsite solution, cloud-based service, and individual software package, providing endpoint protection on all fronts.

Computers running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are all protected with the onsite version. In this space, a central Endpoint Protector Server appliance is employed, communicating across the network with client software installed on all endpoints.

Digital cameras, USB sticks, and similar attached devices will remain protected by the server.

As a software, the Endpoint protector system implements a virtual appliance on a company’s server.

With the full Endpoint Protector system, you’ll benefit from the following features (and more):

· Content protection

· Device control

· Enforced encryption

· Network discovery

· Mobile device management

Then, the standalone version protects one endpoint per install, otherwise known as the ‘basic’ package. Its features include content and device protection, but not much more.

The SaaS package can be accessed by purchasing My Endpoint Protector, including content protection, device control, and mobile device management.


Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - Code42

Unlike most of the other tools discussed in this blog, Code42 stands out by not using policies. But it still links flagged problems with remediation actions.

Akin to how a SIEM behaves with log files, Code42 works on its data files.

More specifically, this tool backs up and monitors data files while restoring original versions, provided they’ve been altered. Plus, Code42 tracks individual access to data files, blocking all copies or transfer actions.

Code42 records all file-related actions, including its own. Therefore, a transparent audit trail is created that bolsters your data security standards.

Lastly, this data loss prevention technology uses event information to potentially expose internal infractions or intrusion threats. It performs this function through an analysis utility.

Teramind DLP

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - TeraMind

The following list includes all compliance factors that Teramind DLIP helps you with:



· ISO 27001


Teramind initially searches for sensitive data by scouring your system from end-to-end, following typical data formats (e.g., social security numbers).

Beyond that, Teramind incorporates natural language processing and OCR for document scanning. From there, this savvy tool focuses on the docs possessing the following personal information:

· ID information

· Financial data

· Health/medical records

Throughout Teramind’s service life, scans occur that flag new instances of the above data categories.

Purchasing the whole package means you can access data security policies that aid with DLP strategy formation.

Teramind’s two primary focal points are insider threats and data security. Its user tracking functions encompass website, app, and network activities. Also, it tracks emails, employing a keystroke logger for further verification layers.

Companies can establish baseline and normal behavior through Teramind’s overall system activity measurements. This strategy is frequently leveraged by intrusion detection systems, which flag internal and external threats.

Clipboard monitoring and blocking are two other protective and prevention measures. And when someone leaks data, there’s a fingerprinting system for files for tracing.

Lastly, a risk dashboard is found in the software, centralizing threat notifications and vulnerabilities that should face further scrutiny.

Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - Essential for Your Organization

For starters, Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP searches your entire system for sensitive data. All locations (and events occurring in them) are logged and tracked.

The tool communicates with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. Furthermore, Digital Guardian’s tracking abilities reach as far as cloud resources.

As is suggested by the name, this tool’s central priority is endpoint security, bolstering your networks against data loss.

The protection system blocks offline computer activity and monitors all network-connected devices. Moreover, it automatically stops unauthorized used actions (e.g., destruction, alteration, copying, or transferring of protected data). Meaning, Digital Guardian provides security against external and internal sources.

Companies looking to protect intellectual property and personal information will find this system highly beneficial.

Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP makes it mandatory to define data categories and assign individual protection policies. This responsibility falls in the network administrator’s lap. When upgrading this tool, it’s possible to add encryption to data transmissions and storage.

Check Point Data Loss Prevention Software Blade

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

As one of the most prominent cybersecurity providers around, Check Point’s data loss prevention is synonymous with successful strategies. Its inclusion of policies means you must only check which of them fits your strategic requirements before activating them.

The tool possesses a remediation module that uniquely approaches user activity management:

Namely, this tool doesn’t alert the IT department staff about malicious activities before shutting down the user’s account or file access. Instead, the user receives a direct warning.

Creators of this tool intended to inform their users about data access rules. Its purpose isn’t to catch and incriminate people for committing accidental infractions.

Finally, Check Point reports and audits based on HIPAA, SOX, and PCI DSS standards.

SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools - Scuretrust

Any organization struggling with their DLP security strategy will find this tool incredibly advantageous. Upon its installation, SecureTrust presents users with 70 separate policies to potentially activate.

These various policies possess information about data control that likely never would have been known, otherwise.

This comprehensive tool is one component making up a security management tool suite from SecureTrust. There’s also a SIEM tool which helps detect and block intruders. Combining these technologies together will optimize DLP performance.

SecureTrust’s security system protects your organization from privacy violations by scanning all communication channels. These protected platforms include email, file transfer apps, chat apps, file-sharing systems, blogs, and social media.

Use These Comprehensive DLC Tools and You Won’t Get Derailed by Data Loss.

All the hard work that your organization does can fall by the wayside without sound DLP practices and tools. It’s time to perform your due diligence and see what fits best with your business model.

There’s a wealth of options on the market, so weigh the costs, needs, preferences, and any other requirements before reaching your final decision.

Have more questions regarding Data Loss Prevention (DLP)? Reach out today.

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