Certifiably Secure

BlueSteel is a compliance consulting firm that leverages deep system, data and application expertise to build sustainable cybersecurity solutions.

The firm’s cybersecurity services protect sensitive data against both current and future threats while allowing organizations to achieve compliance certification so they can grow revenue.

Our Approach

To help our clients achieve their objectives, we leverage both the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Risk Assessment Framework (RAF) to understand their network/application security posture and to identify the appropriate compliance measures to build into their security program’s foundation.

We start this process by:

  • Performing a comprehensive Security Assessment to discover every detail required to meet compliance standards. Among the key steps in this process are: risk assessment interviews, information capture sessions, gap assessments, current policy/procedure review, compliance & vulnerability scans, and application penetration testing.

Using the intelligence gathered in the assessment, we architect security compliance programs that will fit the organization’s needs. This customized program provides the direction needed for Compliance Preparation to meet control requirements by:

  • Simulating various scenarios of how the organization will handle sensitive data and the requirements for the staff to successfully perform their roles within this system environment

  • Exploring the cultural characteristics of our client’s organization to help minimize implementation friction and motivate end users to maintain security standards within their workflows

  • Creating a Control Implementation Plan that focuses on defining solutions that meet specific technical compliance control requirements

  • Creating or updating the needed and appropriate processes, policies, and diagrams, including: the System Security Plan, Security Operating Procedures, Network Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, and Action Plans & Milestones

  • Creating remediation plans for any vulnerabilities discovered during the Security Assessment process

Finally, we initiate the process of putting the security plan into practice by implementing all of the solutions determined in our Control Implementation Plan, ensuring that we update the diagrams/policies/procedure documentation, capture evidence, and maintain control compliance at all times. This integration work requires a dedicated team that provides Security Program Support to ensure the new solutions and practices are fully operational and are continuously followed by:

  • Maintaining a compliance platform that acts as a central repository for the organization’s security program
  • Deploying 24/7 active cybersecurity monitoring for all devices within the network boundary
  • Conducting security awareness training to ensure every member of the organization understands the policies and procedures that have been implemented
  • Maintaining a security operations center to ensure active threat monitoring for both network and applications.
  • Providing a rapid response team to augment our client’s resources for incidents or security events that require attention from security subject matter experts.

Our Solutions

Security Assessment Services

Our team of experts provide insights into your current security posture and what critical security gaps exist in your network or application to  prevent exploitation. Whether you are interested in pursuing a particular security compliance, looking to satisfy customer security requirements, or just interested in knowing how secure your network or application is, our security assessment service is the first step to knowing your current security position. Our assessment services include Compliance & Vulnerability, Application Penetration Testing, and Risk Assessment.

​Compliance Preparation Services

We excel at developing compliance preparation packages that include everything needed to stand up a compliance-focused security program and meet all security control requirements. This includes policies, procedures, and technical solutions that addresses each requirement, allowing the organization to focus on implementing their security program to satisfy the runtime evidence needed.

Our Compliance Expertise: NIST 800 Series, CMMC, SOC 2, STIG, OWASP, HITRUST, ISO 27001, Zero Trust, FedRamp, & PCI.

Security Program Support

Our support services are designed specifically for organizations lacking the security resources needed to manage the organization’s security program while achieving compliance certification. Our program is cost effective and minimizes the cost of personnel, licensing, and maintenance. Organizations who opt into our program will have their compliance posture monitored via the following areas: Security Control Monitoring & Management, Policy & Procedure Management,  Risk & Security Assessment, Information Repository, and Compliance Consulting Support. 

Government Services

For more than 10 years, our team has been serving the intelligence communities, creating policies and procedures, and implementing controls for multiple environments including traditional servers, virtual environments, and cloud environments. We have been successful in receiving multiple ATOs on all classification level environments to include Unclassified, Secret, and Top Secret Networks.