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What is CMMC
What Is CMMC and How To Start – 2022

What is CMMC – 2022 Update Despite advancements in cybersecurity technology and methods, the threat of cybersecurity attacks still lingers over the head of most business executives. There’s a good reason for this; a report by Statista shows that in the second quarter of 2022, internet users worldwide dealt with about 52 million data breaches.…

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What is Penetration Testing
What Is Penetration Testing?

We live in a digital-first world today, where small and large organizations rely on the internet to conduct business. Most companies turn to digital solutions not only for selling products and services, but also utilize these technologies for internal management procedures like storage of customer data, employee information, future projects, and other confidential information. As…

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Cyber Insurance – What You Need To Know

The demand for cyber insurance is starting to increase. As a result, the price of cyber insurance is starting to increase drastically. One of the main reasons for this increase is that cyberattacks, in general, are starting to become a significant problem for all organizations.  With an increasing number of organizations operating online, the risk of…

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How to Avoid Data Leakages

Introduction With the recent upswing in COVID-19, many businesses have now started to realize the benefits of moving their On Premises infrastructure entirely onto a major Cloud based platform, such as that of the AWS or Microsoft Azure.  While this does have many advantages to it, one of the common themes that is coming out…

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Network Virtualization

What Is A Virtual Network? Before even the term “Cloud” became a household term, networks have always existed, in some shape or form.  Typically, this involved hardwiring servers together, and using other hardware-based components, such as routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, etc.  But given the huge and dramatic advances in technology, especially with the Cloud based…

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The Security Measures After COVID

Introduction Back in December of 2019, when COVID-19 first started to erupt in the Wuhan province of China, the first thought was it would stay there, and not spread too far.  But two years later, the world has been literally turned upside down, and changed in ways that were not even thinkable.  This is especially…

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