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How to Avoid Data Leakages

Introduction With the recent upswing in COVID-19, many businesses have now started to realize the benefits of moving their On Premises infrastructure entirely onto a major Cloud based platform, such as that of the AWS or Microsoft Azure.  While this does have many advantages to it, one of the common themes that is coming out…

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Network Virtualization

What Is A Virtual Network? Before even the term “Cloud” became a household term, networks have always existed, in some shape or form.  Typically, this involved hardwiring servers together, and using other hardware-based components, such as routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, etc.  But given the huge and dramatic advances in technology, especially with the Cloud based…

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What are IDS/IPS?

As an information security officer, you must know what IDS and IPS stand for. We will be defining these terms in this article and explaining why they are significant to your role.  Knowing all about these tools will help you make the best choice when purchasing one for yourself. So, let’s get started! The following…

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